Bambara Village Children Foundation

Bambara Village Children Foundation has been formed to afford Senegalese children of identified villages a better life and to open up the world of education to them. We aim to do this by raising living standards, beginning one village at a time. And over the long term, by investing in training and entrepreneurship for mothers, we hope to support the future of their children and put them on a sustainable path to self-sufficiency.

Our first undertakings will be to repair and upgrade the dwellings for the Bambara Village Children Foundation families, to facilitate access to physical, mental and social services, to provide computers and educational materials for the children, and to address acute local environmental concerns of the village. This first village will serve as the model by which we will expand our outreach to other villages.

With your donations, Bambara Village Children Foundation expects to attain these ambitious goals on a timely basis. Initially, we will continue to deliver life-sustaining food, such as rice and millet on a monthly basis; and with augmented funding, we will turn our attention to the repair of the collapsed infrastructure. As important, accessing physical, mental and social services for families will be an ongoing project. Arguably, solicitation and provision of computers and other classroom materials are as important for the children’s education but rank lower in terms of priority. Although pressing, the acute environmental concerns of the village will be the last area to be addressed. The ultimate goal of Bambara Village Children Foundation is to put these families on a sustainable path to self-sufficiency. After assessing the population of men and women of the village it has become clear that an investment in training and mentorship will be key before guiding them into entrepreneurship.  

The giant tree grows from a grain.

Senegalese proverb.

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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

Please make payment to “ Stichting Bambara Village Children” ING bank account number NL56INGB0009145724

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

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